High Security Key Systems

High Security Key Systems

Patented key systems prolong the security of a building by allowing only the patent holding manufacturer to manufacture a unique key blank which can only be obtained by written consent of the building owner. This prevents unauthorized users from duplicating keys and compromising the security of a building.

  • In-house developed key management systems gives minute-by-minute report of everyone accessing sensitive areas
  • Patented key systems offer up to 20 years of protection before patent expires
  • Patented keys cannot be duplicated or obtained by unauthorized organizations such as hardware stores
  • Thirty percent of all burglaries are unlawful entry without force — meaning the thief had a key
  • The average loss for business related burglaries is $1,400
Complete lock shop and professional locksmiths

Colorado Doorways’ keying department is equipped with a complete lock shop and professional locksmiths. This allows for most projects to be keyed in-house, cutting down on 8+ week lead times for factory keyed orders. On-site keying is also available for emergency situations when the security of an opening can’t be compromised. Every lock keyed in-house is tested prior to delivery as a part of CDI’s Quality Control Program ensuring every lock functions prior to installation.

Case Study

Legacy High School

Legacy High School Upgrades Key System

The professional locksmiths in Colorado Doorways keying department have experience upgrading entire facilities like Legacy High School’s existing key system to a patented key system. These were completed without having to replace existing door hardware and put security back into the hands of the building owners, where it belongs.