Shop Applied Hardware with doors ready to ship and install

Commercial Doors Ready To Install

Shop Applied Hardware

All hardware comes pre-installed on the door drastically decreasing on site time and labor needs. This alleviates the need to store expensive hardware on-site for a long duration of time, removing the risk of theft and loss.

  • Guarantees there will be no hardware shortages as it will all be on the doors.
  • Hardware is installed by certified installers ensuring it is installed correctly and functions correctly prior to arriving on the job site.

When it comes to pre-installation of hardware, Colorado Doorways and their shop applied division have the ability to provide this service for any project no matter how large or small. No more messing with laying out closers and figuring out difficult pieces of hardware, let us do it for you!

All in a Day's Work

How much time and money can our Shop Applied Hardware Department save you? This video shows a typical day in the shop as our technicians prep dozens of doors for delivery. When the customer receives them, all they have to do is hang the door – all hardware is already installed!

Colorado Doorways has proven to us that shop applied is the way of the future when it comes to the door, frame and hardware scope of our projects. This is quickly becoming our preferred method and we can easily see it becoming the new normal on all our large scale projects.